Everything That I have studied, has prepared me for animation world;
Illustration, graphic design, animation, character design…
I´ve learned all the techniques that I could, from traditional media
like watercolor, gouache or color pencil, to digital painting.

I intend to get into animation world, to work in the industry
that I always dreamed and wanted to work.
Is for what I have been preparing myself.


• Illustration High Degree Professional Training , Fernando Estévez Art School
• Graphic Design High Degree Professional Training , Fernando Estévez Art School
• Traditional Animation and Cartoons Course, La Casa Animada Animation Studios, 2008.
• Creating Characters, Screenplay and Animation Direction Course, By Guillermo García Carsí ( Pocoyó´s creator), 2011.
• Gobelins Summer School 2011
• CGMA – Character Design for Animation with Nate Wragg, 2012
• Schoolism – Character design with Stephen Silver and Daniel Arriaga, 2013

• La Casa Animada Studios, business practice, 2008.
• Alejandro Gil Studio, Animation director, 2010 – 2011
• Brandia.TV Broadcast Design & Animation, Animation director, 2011 – 2013
• Promineo Studios, mobile games, Art director, currently.

• “The Pepper Project”, Imaginary Friends Studios, 2008.
• Winner of Imaginism Studios´s contest in DeviantART, “Bobby & Kei´s Art Contest!”2009
• Animation for Cosmopolitan tv. ident, “ Cosmo Robot Ident”, Brandia.tv, 2011
• Animation for TV commercial of 7UP, Brandia.tv, 2012
• Animation for Virgin Media, “Fun Christmas for Virgin Media”, Brandia.tv, 2012
• Animation for TV Program package of Canal+, “ Sobradamente Directores”, Brandia.tv, 2012
• Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute Art, Capcom, 2012
• ”Last Man Standing” reprint by Danny LuVisi, Black Horse, 2013


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